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Pacific Northwest Diving is very proud to announce the addition of 
Coach Bob Ketrick from the Washington, DC metro area. 

Please check back often, we will be updating this site daily. 


Bob Ketrick comes to PNW Diving with 35 years of coaching experience. Bob has developed hundreds of divers over the span of his coaching career. Bob has consistently produced top quality national level divers. Most of his divers earn college scholarships and go on to more success in college and in life. He is well known notionally and internationally.

Bob is highly educated, he holds a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering both from the Rochester Institute of Technology. While earning these degrees at RIT, Bob trained 3 hours a day for diving. 

Bob has undergone mentorships with Hobie Billingsley, Ron O'Brien and Glenn McCormick. Three is the USA's top Olympic Coaches. McCormick Divers was Bob's age-group diving program while living in California

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Pacific NW Diving is the longest continually operating dive club in the state of Washington.  Originally founded as the Northwest Ripper Dive Club in 1983 and combined with the Bellevue Athletic Club Dive team in 1991, Pacific NW Diving has become one of the largest and strongest clubs on the west coast.We operate as a non-profit, and our divers learn the skills needed to dive at the collegiate level.

Interested in joining Pacific Northwest Diving? To apply, contact Bob Ketrick at email us because class sizes are limited.

Practices run Monday through Thursday at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center - King County located at 650 SW Campus Dr, Federal Way, WA 98023

King County Aquatic Center

King County Aquatic Center

State Champions List



1989    Kristin Kane, Chara Ammerman  

1990    Andrea Berg,  Raoul Langin

1991    Andrea Berg, Raoul Langin

1992    Andrea Berg, Hunter Shaffer

1993    TD Rowe, Brian Hall

1994    TD Rowe*, Sarah Fields, Brian Hall

1995    Jessica Nye, Kelly Persinger, Lucas Brower

1996    Jessica Nye, Kelly Persinger, Lucas Brower

1997    Becky Brackett, L Brower, Stephen Spring

1998    Keri McManus, Zach Wilcox

1999    Anika Giesbrecht, Michelle Hagar, Z Wilcox

2000    Anika Giesbrecht, Michelle Hagar, Z Wilcox

2001    Anika Giesbrecht, Zach Wilcox*

2002    Anika Giesbrecht, Allison Carlyon, Justin Wilcox

2003    Samantha Young,  Jonathan Wilcox

2004    Samantha Young*, Mariesa Cloud, J Wilcox

2005    Jessica Snowden, Mariesa Cloud, J Wilcox**

            Thomas Evans

2006    Jessica Snowden**, Mariesa Cloud, Thomas Evans

2007    Shawna Jordan, Stacey Luke, Ben Nicolas

2008    Diana Wilcox, Stacey Luke, Beau Riebe,

            Ben Nicolas

2009    Max Klassen, Shawna Jordan, Beau Riebe,

            Celia Pinczower

2010    Celia Pinczower, Eddie Young, Troy Neklasson,

            Fiona Weeks

2011    Paige Greeley, Caitlin Chambers, Joe Rose,

            Eddie Young

2012    Boys:  Jesse Sutton,  Eddie Young

            Girls Caitlin Chambers

2013    Caitlin Chambers** Max Levy  Hailey Kessler

2014    Brooke Wherley,  Kaela Call 

2015    Elliott Forde                                                                                          

*State Record Holder              ** Current State Record holder


National Champion in Red.

PND Diving

 Pool Facility

Pacific NW Diving trains at the Weyerhauser King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, WA. 
  • (2) 1m springboards on concrete stands 
  • (2) 3m springboards on concrete stands 
  • 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m, and 10m towers with Mondo surface 
  • Water agitation surface under all boards areas 
  • Air sparger system under all board areas
Home to the 2012 and 2020 Olympic Trials for Diving

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PND Results-They Speak For Themselves!



Kristin Kane           Senior National Champ, USA National

                              Team member,  Olympic trials '96


Andrea Berg          National Skills Champion


Samantha Young   National Champion


Jessica Snowden   Multi-Time National Champion


Diana Wilcox          National Champion


Katrina Young         Multi-Time National Champ, USA National

                               Team member,  Olympic Trials 2012



Kelly Persinger        Multi- Time National Champion,     

                                USA National Team Member

                                Olympic trials 2000


Zach Wilcox            Multi-Time National Champion,  

                                USA NationalTeam member

                                Olympic Trials 2004


Brian Hall                 Ivy League champion


Anika Geiesbrecht   Ivy League champion


Troy Neklasson        National Champion


Madeline Mitchell     National Champion


Molly Harvie             Multi-Time National Champion


Travis Niemeyer       National Champion

                                 USA National Team

                                 Olympic Trials 2000


Jonathan Wilcox       Multi-Time National Champion

                                  USA National Team Member

                                  Olympic Trials, 2008


Carrie Dragland        USA National Team Member

                                 Olympic Trials 2012


Max Levy                  National Champion   2012

                                 NCAA   D3 National Champion


Erin Taylor                National Champion  2014


Caitlin Chamber        Ivy League Champion and record holder


Kaela Call                 National Champion  2015

Olympic Trials Participants in Yellow

National Champions in Red 

We currently have over 12 Pacific Northwest Diving (PND) divers competing at the NCAA level. 

Katrina Young (Florida State University): Currently training for Olympic Trials, Won 2014 World Synchro Trials, Sixth at World Championships Trials. College record holder and Division 1 NCAA All-American.

Caitlin Chambers (Princeton University): Named the Ivy League Championships Diver of the meet. Qualified and attended NCAA Division 1 Championships.  College record holder. 

Kaela Call (BYU): Became PND’s 18th National Champion by winning the 19+ Platform event at AAU Nationals this past summer.

Max Levy (Denison): Became Division III National Champion on 1 meter and 3 meter. In addition, he was named the Division III NCAA Diver of the Year. College Record Holder.

Skiah Garde Garcia (Hamline University): Division III NCAA National Qualifier and competitor.

Hailey Viehmann (Azusa Pacific Uniersity): NCAA Division II NCAA National Qualifier and Competitor. 

Jesse Dehnert (Principia College): NCAA Division III NCAA National Qualifier and Competitor. College Record Holder in all events. 

Erin Taylor: (Colorodo State/University of Idaho): Erin transferred to University of Idaho after a successful year at Colorado. She became the 3 meter National Champion at AAU Nationals in 2014.

 Brian Donohue (Miami University-Ohio): Posted top scores against Purdue, Eastern Michigan, and other top diving programs.

Elliot Forde (MIT): This two-time State Champion is making a huge impact his Freshman year at MIT

 Molly Harvie (Arkansas): As an AAU National Champion in her youth, and continues to achieve success on the boards at Arkansas.

Libby Fogel: (Grand Canyon University): In high school, Libby went 25 undefeated high school meets. She is now having success at the division I level.

Brady Shutt (Cal Poly): Diver for Cal Poly, adding depth to the roster.

Hannah Walsh (Yale): Hannah became a National Champion at  the 2014 Red White and Blue Nationals in the 18-19 age group and enters her freshman year at Yale this year. 

Hailey Kessler (Idaho): A Washington State Champion diver, Hailey has already won an event early in her collegiate season.